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Just Nan List

To start with if ANYONE KNOWS HOW to get this page off double spacing – PLEASE give me detailed directions! I’m going nuts!

Ok, this list is not in any order other than how I pulled it out of the bags!


In The Tin – Boo Needlebook

Over The Top – Boo Tin

In The Tin – Sizzle Pin Wheel

Over The Top – Sizzle Tin

In The Tin – Jingle Biscornu

Over The Top – Jingle Tin

In The  Tin – Hop Needlebook and Fob

Over the Top – Hop Tin

Blitzen Christmas Ornament, frame and beads

Lady Scarlets Scissor Roll with beads (Silver Needle Exclusive)

Ornamental Advent with beads

Strawberry Summer full kit and second one with just beads

Hoot Biscornu/Fbo LE

Gingerbread Jingle Mouse LE

Gingerbread Mouse LE Ornament #2

Oakley Owl LE Ornament (have 2)

Cardinal Tweet LE Ornament

Porch Garden Mice LE Humbug with pin

Feather Fashion Slide

Love Birds Tree

Beaded Rose (signed by Nan directly to me)

Frost Flower Whimzi w/frame

March Hare Whimzi w/frame

2000 Friendship Collaboration (all parts) signed by all 3 artists

Queen of the Needle – full kit

Heartfelt Whimzi Sentaments – full kit with frames

Pearl Orchid

Flying Colors Lessons on Linen Vol. 2 – full kit with silk pak

Queens Hearts – full kit

Christmas Wallet

When Barnabee Met Bella – fabric and beads

Spring in the Square – charm

Winter in the Square – charm

Morning Flower – beads

Mermaid Heart – charm and beads

Chapter and Verse Patience – full kit

Common Ground – beads

Christmas Biscornu – full kit

Class Project – Snowflower Lace – stitched

Class Project – Diamond Bouquet – stitched

Class Project – Bee Blossoms – stitched

Class Project – Angel Flowers – stitched

Class Project – Once In A Blue Moon – stitched

Class Project – Pansy Cameo – stitched

Class Project – Royal Roses – stitched

Class Project – Enchanted Hearts

Class Project – Star of Light

Class Project – Evening Star

Class Project – Enchanted Swans

Class Project – Heart of Gold

Class Project – Star of Wonder

Class Project – Butterflies Blossoms

Kari’s Snowflake with beads

Noah’s Needle with beads

Sweet Remembrance with beads

With My Needle – stitched

True Friends – stitched 3 times (need to find another bead pak so I can stitch if for me this time!)

Humming Bead Heaven with beads and fabric

Follow Th Needle with beads and fabric

Nosegay Ornamental Treasure 1 with box

Needlestory with beads and fabric

Last Stitches of 1999 with beads and fabric

First Stitches of 2000 with beads and fabric

Shenanigans – Guardian Grace – full kit

Shenanigans – Twinkle Bear – full kit

Shenanigans – Toby Teddy – full kit

Shenanigans – Splendora – full kit

To Be Continued Barnabees Quest – 1 – 3 with bell pull/tassel/beads

To Be Continued Lady Scarletts Christmas with Beads

To Be Continued Lady Scarletts Journey 1 – 3 with fabric and beads

Rose Heart – full kit

Butterfly Welcome Ornament Treasure 8

Bee Hive Violets – full kit

Silver Needle – full kit

Filagree Fancies – Silver Heart

Swan Lake – 1996 with bead

Primrose Path – 1997 with bead

My Fair Lady Bug – 1996 with bead

Snowfaces – bought but not here yet



1999 – Christmas Collaboration SB/JN/Charland

2000 – Whimzi Feather Tree

2005 – Whimzi – Poor Jack

2005 – Whimzi – Rose

1995 – Snow Forest

1997 – Have a Heart

1999 – Charm Garden

1998 – Noah’s Rainbow

1998 – Butterfly Rose

1995 – Royal Blossoms

1999 – Potpourri

1994 – Victorian Rose

1996 – Lacy Diamond

1998 – Painted Lady

1996 – Holly Knot

1994 – Christmas Hearts

1993 – Christmas Star

2000 – Honeysuckle Rose

1992 – Christmas Rose

1999 – Garden Prince

1997 – Holiday In Ice



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