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As requested… because you have all been so patient for so many years now…

Sorry, there’s a shadow on the left side… the sun was coming in the window.  There’s stitching detail that’s not visible in the image: the gold lazy daisy leaves are gold braid, the dragon wings are veined with the same, and the large “T” is couched with it as well.

The design is about 2/3 finished… the vine border will be embellished with Magnifica beads in a dark blue and deep cranberry.  I’m not sure what background for the walled city…I’m thinking a seascape for some reason.  The bird in the “To” block will be colorful: warm tones for contrast against the blue background.  The dragons get lots of embellishment yet… they look very bald!  The cloister scene border gets beads as well.

The size is 14-1/2″ W  X  21-3/4″H  The fabric is 28-count cream Glasgow…

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Moment of truth

I am so loving the updates on this amazing design! I don’t care if it takes another 5 years to be finished. The day it is released – it is going to be mine!! It is just simply spectacular!

TW's Needlework Blog

Sorry for the pause… I was under the weather for a few days.

I did finally manage to design enough of the corner of the scene to feel I should stop and actually do some stitching to make sure of my color choices:

A little note: I’m planning to add flowers to the greenery… but I’m not happy with how it looks with just plain cross stitches on the computer screen.  So I’ll be experimenting as I stitch.   Now that I’d like to do some stitching,  I need the color symbols translated into black and white glyphs so I can print it out and read it. (I can’t stitch from a computer screen.  I’ve tried, trust me.)

Because this piece is so huge, I’ve broken it up into various areas so I can work with smaller “satellite” files as I design.  I love my little G4, but alas, it…

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Some of the process…

Definitely interested in seeing more! Very cool process!

TW's Needlework Blog

I promised a peek at the computer end of things.  The first image is a shot of my designing screen.  I use an older version of VectorWorks (a CAD program) on an old Mac laptop (my first!) running an ancient operating system OS9.  But it works just fine for my needs.

This is the cloister garden scene near the bottom of Illuminata. (I think in the distant past I posted a pencil sketch; this version is pretty much the same as the original drawing).

The colored stuff on the right are the color symbols I’m using in the piece.  Each symbol was created individually and then placed into a library which was built over a period of years.  It seemed like each new design required new symbols, so by now, the collection is pretty extensive.  Each symbol must be placed individually on the grid.

The heavier lines are backstitch lines…

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Making hay while the sun shines

So excited to hear it is still progressing! Will wait as long as it takes to buy this one!

TW's Needlework Blog

It’s a saying farmers use… because as sure as there’s freshly mown hay laying in the field, chances are that rain will come soon.  So you’d best take advantage of the sunny weather while you can, and get it brought in before the rain.

The same saying is appropriate for me presently: I’ve got roughly a month before I head back to work at my seasonal job, so I’m trying to make the most of it.

It’s been bugging me that Illuminata has been languishing for so long, so I’m working on it again.  Here are a couple shots of my studio set-up:

Because the project is so large and there’s so much floss; I’m glad I have a spot to spread everything out so I can grab whatever I need.  Yes, the chair swivels and has coasters. 😉 You can see from the photo that I haven’t really progressed…

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T.A.R.D.I.S Sampler

Kincavel Krosses

T.A.R.D.I.S Sampler stitchd viewThis design is available for sale

Design: T.A.R.D.I.S Sampler
Size: 81w x 97h
Designer: Kell Smurthwaite, Kincavel Krosses
Price: £3.50

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Month of April Stitching Update

This is my Just Nan SAL check-in post!  I have finally finished Just Nan Strawberry Summer!


This is the bottom.




This is the middle.



This is the top.


This is the whole thing.  Of course, the loaded in backwards!  LOL!

I also worked on a Biscornu SAL from  I choice the Dr. Who.  I only got the top portion done.


And my final stitching for this month is the Passione Ricamo 20th Anniversary Mystery Sampler SAL.  I only have part of Part 1 done.



March Just Nan SAL check-in

I have had a pretty productive month at least for Just Nan.  I finished an exchange piece, that still has to be mailed.  I finished a sort of Round Robin piece and got all but the last 2 bands done on Strawberry Summer.



Just Nan Filigree Fancies Silver Heart


Just Nan Snow Deer Whimzi


Just Nan Strawberry Summer – 2 bands left to do and the beads.  Until next month!




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