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Stash List – copied from multiply

  ar 25, ’07 6:12 PM
for everyone

Cross Stitch and Needlework May 2007 magazine

Lavender Wings – The Bridge A Wedding Sampler


Nordic Needle:

Wisconsin Christmas Ornaments 105-498-0005

Gifts To Cross Stitch – 70 Projects – 1899

Pako Traveling Bag for the Pako Needle Organizer (included) – 7075B

VS Tropical Garden Sampler Leaflet

VS Tropical Garden Sampler Accessory Pack

Adirondacks Kit – Gold Collection -205-209-8720

Two Shall Become One – K1726

Cindy Valentine: 2007 Limited Edition Egg


Needlearts Catalog:

Cross Stitching Queen T-shirt 83240

United As One – 52450

The Stitchery Catalog:

And Two Shall Be One – T17-131

Savannah Gift Exchange:

DMC 10 Pack of Linen Threads

Kissing Frog Surprise:

Dimensions Simple Delights-Toad-ally Awesome Kit

Purchased in Savannah:

St. Simons Light House 1872 Kit

VS Hearts of America South Carolina Kit

Indigo Rose Purchases:

Little Friends Kit

The Sempstress

Crystal Rose

Cindy Valentine Purchases:

Merry Otter


Before I left for Savannah Market, etc. purchases:

My Mark Copy Writes – “attitude”

Ink Circles: Dogwood Square with Carrie’s Creations Thread pack

The Cat’s Whisker: The Peacock Stitching Chair completely kitted

Just Nan – Queen’s Heart kit and frame

Just Nan – Queen of the Needle complete kit

Heirloom Embroideries – Friendship

Dinky Dyes Designs Spring Hearts Sampler

Clear Star Designs – Unicorn Glade
Clear Star Designs – Crystal

Items bought after Savannah to kit up purchases in Savannah and before:


Spring Hearts Stuff:

Dinky Dye Silks 35 Madi’s Rose
Dinky Dye Silks 83 Peach Melba
Kreinik #4 Braid 002 – Gold
Kreinik #4 Braid 9194 – Star Green
Kreinik #4 Braid 9200 – Blossom
Mill Hill Beads 03021 – Royal Pearl
28 Ct. China Pearl Jobelan

2007 CV Limited Egg Stuff:

DMC #8 Pearl Cotton 3753 – Moonlight Blue
Dinky Dyes cotton floss – Coral Sea
Rainbow Gallery Elegance Silk Pearl E870 Green Aqua
Kreinik 014 #4 Braid – Sky Blue
Kreinik 194 #4 Braid – Pale Blue
NPI Northern Lights Silk floss #009 – Soft Lilac
Kreinik Blending Filament #093 – Icy Mauve
Mill Hill Antique Seed Beads 03044 Crystal Lilac
Mill Hill Petite Beads 42024 Heather Mauve
Mill Hill petite Beads 42017 Crystal Aqua
Rainbow Gallery Elegance Silk Pearl E811
DMC #12 Pearl Cotton 3753 – Moonlight Blue
28 Ct. Lakeside Linens Aqua Mist fabric

Friendship Stuff:

Dinky Dyes Silk – Lilly Pilly
Dinky Dyes Perle 8 – Lilly Pilly
Dinky Dyes Perle 12 – Lilly Pilly
NPI Silk – 642 Peacock Blue
NPI Silk – 124 Terra Cotta
Mill Hill Petite 40123 – Cream
Mill Hill Glass Treasure – 12092
32 Ct. Linen Antique Tan

Crystal Rose Stuff:

NPI Silks:

Anchor #8 – 01
Anchor #12 – 01
Mill Hill Beads – 00161
Mill Hill Treasures 13023 – (5)
28 Ct. Cream Pearl Linen

Behold Stuff:

Weeks Dye 2264 Garnet
Weeks Dye #8 Perle 2264 Garnet
Weeks Dye #8 Perle 2156 Hunter
Kreinik Blending Filament 002HL Gold
Kreinik Blending Filament 032 Pearl
Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid PB03 Gold – this took me 3 SHOPS to find!!!
Mill Hill Beads:
40557 Gold
03035 Royal Green
42043 Rich Red
SJ Designs Beads 1805 White
DMC Perle #8 White
DMC Perle #8 320 Fern Green
DMC Perle # 12 White
DMC Fil Gold
28 Ct. Cream Cashel 10 X 10 and 10 X 20

Merry Otter Stuff:

NPI Silks:
813 (3)
823 (3)
Mill Hill Petite 40020 (2)
32 Ct. Lakeside Linen Sea Storm

The Sempstress Stuff:

Sole D Alger:

I also ordered:

Sole Crystal:

But now looking at the pattern she gives 3 different thread conversions for the symbols and I really didn’t need to get the Crystal – right? If anyone has this chart, am I correct?

85 – Antique Brass
95 – Flamingo
162 – Perwinkle
168 – Rainforest
169 – Moss
193 – Iced Lavender
Wild Flowers:
162 – Perwinkle
34 Ct. Legacy Linen Oaten Sconce


I am totally doing an on-line friends version of Ink Circles – Fire Flower.

Glorianna’s Laura’s Garden

32 Ct. Silkweaver Reflection Platinum Pizazz

Also got lots of stuff for my second version of Teresa Wentzler’s The Castle – Ice Princess color way.

I bought two different colors of fabrics. I want to do a better floss toss now that I have them home and compare them to what Baltazar is on so they make a good pair.

28 Ct. Cashel Smokey Pearl

28 Ct. Cashel Colorscapes Fathom

Sulky 8040 Opal
Sulky Pewter
Sulky 8050 Purple
Sulky 8017 Peacock
Sulky 8016 Dk. Blue
Sulky 8053 Mint
Sulky 8043 Lavender
Glissen Gloss Gunmetal Gray 905
Glissen Gloss Pearl 115
Gumnut Jade Dk.
Gumnut Sapphire Lt.
Gumnut Jade Lt.
Gumnut Turquoise Dk.
Gumnut Sapphire Med.
Gumnut Ruby Dk.
Gumnut Sapphire Dk.
Accentuate 033
Accentuate 037
Accentuate 012
Accentuate 140

Extra Metallics I bought just because and to have on hand in case I want to substitute when stitching The Castle Red or White version!!!


Sulky Metallics:


Kreinik Blending Filament #4 braids:

085 – Peacock
044 – Confetti Blue
011HL – Gun Metal
664 – Magenta Blue
5009 – Mermaid
684 threw away the package so don’t have color names


P- 5
P- 6

Didn’t catch the misprint on Cindy’s Merry Otter pattern so bought the wrong Mill Hill Beads – 42042 (2) first than got the correct ones later.

That is my complete stash list from Market, just because, Savannah and then kitting everything up.


rifestitch wrote on Mar 26, ’07
WOW! That’s a lot of stuff! I wish I could go on a stash haul like that!
heypaula wrote on Mar 26, ’07
You’re my hero for today – that’s a wonderful stash haul! Enjoy it all and share pics with us!
clearstar wrote on Mar 26, ’07
It’s a stunning haul LOL and Chele, you bought two of mine!!! Cool…I so want to see one of mine stitched!
gothtigger wrote on Mar 26, ’07
Now that is some bout of S.E.X !!!! Well done Chele !!!!!!
xsfav14 wrote on Mar 26, ’07
Hi Karen,

My DH knows I go on a rampage right around market! This year, I decided I would also kit up the things I bought rather than just getting the patterns. Hence, the HUGE list!! It is a also a combination birthday (18th) and anniversary (27th) present thing!

He just bought himself a new laptop yesterday so I think we are pretty close in spending moola this month!! VBG!


xsfav14 wrote on Mar 26, ’07

Pictures hey, well that would mean I am actually starting something besides Baltazar anytime soon!! But yes, when I do start any of them, I will post! Now that I have Weds. off I am hoping for more stitching time!


xsfav14 wrote on Mar 26, ’07

I will have to see what I have in my stash for fabric! I bet I have something that will work perfect! Want to make some more progress on Baltazar since I haven’t stitched on it in almost 4 weeks! I have always loved those two designs and was glad I got them!!!

xsfav14 wrote on Mar 26, ’07
Thanks Mel! I was quite happy for the last 2 weeks shopping away to my hearts content! I also now how to get to this AWESOME shop in Crstral Lake, IL so I can go get cool stash, silks, fabric and any patterns I want!!! I might not even need the internet very often with this shop!! Gotta love GPS units!!!


heypaula wrote on Mar 27, ’07
Happy Anniversary!!
xsfav14 wrote on Mar 27, ’07
Thanks Paula! Got home after a long 2 hour drive! Think maybe a nap is in order while I wait for Scott to get home! Rats he just pulled up in the pizza truck! Driving 4 hours in one day to work only 4 hours is too hard on the eyes! LOL!

Luv and Hugs,

gothtigger wrote on Mar 27, ’07
xsfav14 said

I can go get cool stash, silks, fabric and any patterns I want!!! I might not even need the internet very often with this shop!!


I’m so jealous it hurts!

xsfav14 wrote on Mar 27, ’07
Hi Mel,

It is 57 miles away one way. Drive time is 1 hour and 16 minutes. But on Wednesday, they open at 9:30 a.m. so if I leave at 8:30 a.m., I will have tons of time to look around and get home before Scott does!!! It is the one upside to all this blinking driving I am doing. I am not afraid to go that far by myself now. I also have another great shop that is even closer. It is only 34 miles away and 37 minutes drive time. But it is in like downtown Milwaukee, which to me is harder to go to than going longer.


clearstar wrote on Mar 28, ’07
Wow, two shops like that in close reach….you US gals are so lucky. My closest really good shop [Jayne’s Attic] is at least a SIX hour drive…..If I’m lucky, I might get to go there once every couple of years……
The next closest is much closer but they don’t carry pretty flosses like Jayne’s, they just do the regular stuff but nothing “modern”.
xsfav14 wrote on Mar 28, ’07
Hi Claire,

I actually have 2 shops that are within 5 minutes and 15 minutes. The first one is more quilting, knitting, and bear making. They have almost totally phased out cross stitching. The other shop doesn’t get anything new in anymore but she will order anything you want from her distributors when you ask for it. I would rather ‘see’ the new stuff rather than order it sight unseen. I think she will be closing down in the next few years as her husband is nearing retirement age. So it is driving, I must do to see the fabrics etc. Not to bad though in the long run. Like you said, I am very lucky to have that many shops that close!!!



About xsfav14 - Chele

Married to Scott for 20 years. Have 3 kids between us - Jami, Kenny and Caitlin. Have 5 Grand children - will be 6 in about 4 months - Jade Elizabeth and Jacob Matthew both 13, Skyler Ryan - 5, Landon Joseph who will be 4 in September, and Kyla who is 10 months. We also have a dog named Madison. I mainly cross stitch as my hobby but I also read Paranormal Romance books!

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