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July 30th – Oh double RATS! – copied from Multiply


Jul 30, ’07 4:35 PM
for everyone
Hi everyone,Well the bathroom is done!  Took 7 days but it is gorgeous!!

In my craft room, I have the new filing cabinet together and 150 hanging in there with all my various freebies.  I have all my misc. magazines  Buffy,  Ladies Home Journal, quilting etc. in magazine cardboard holders.  I have all 5 years of cross stitch magazines that haven’t been filed downstairs now.  Just need to put them in order and put them in either binders or the box things.  Then I can start listing and filing all the charts, etc. that are laying around.

Wanted to back up my computer this week while on vacation.  Had the CD right next to the computer but didn’t get to it since we were working so hard on the garage, the bathroom and my craft room.  Logged onto the computer this morning just fine, printed out a mailing label from Paperback Swap site, and left to go mail the packages.  Came back and my computer was frozen up like a rock!  So I don’t have anything saved, printed or backed up.  The only two folders I really need (that I can remember) are the Rose and Butterfly files for Parts A and B and maybe the My Documents folder for my work maps and such.  Scott can kind of get it going but then it refreezes again!  Don’t think the hard drive is bad since we can see it before it refreezes again.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works so we can copy the folders over to the main computer!!


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xsfav14 wrote on Jul 30, ’07
Yea!! The computer decided to let us boot it in safe mode with network connections so I was able to move all my files to the main computer (that gets backed up every other day automatically) and I was able to use Nero and burn them to a CD!! So I have them all in two places now!! I am so relieved!! I didn’t relish begging Martina for the all Rose/Butterfly quilt Part B sections! I have all the Part A section printed out and blown up for stitching. Just never got to the B part since I am not any where near stitching that yet. Whew!! Also saved all my PDF’s of Augusta 13 and all my Castle Pictures. Had a lot more on there than I thought I did!!Scott is going to reconfigure his laptop to receive my e-mail and stuff and I will use his until we get new RAM and/or a new hard drive for my laptop.


gothtigger wrote on Jul 30, ’07
YAYYYYY!!!! WELL DONE !!!!! Its sooo scary when you realise exactly how much is stored on that little box ……

xsfav14 wrote on Jul 30, ’07
Hi Mel,I was in such a panic all day today!!! I spent the greater part of the morning burning CD’s of all the files I need on the main computer. I already had most of them but some of them had additions to them. Scott said I didn’t need to do that since it gets backed up every other day to a huge separate hard drive but I wanted to be really sure they were safe!! LOL! No stitching this week except for an hour on Wednesday with my MIL. I really want to get my craft room done! I have found so many patterns I had forgot about. It is like going shopping without spending any money!!


gothtigger wrote on Jul 30, ’07
Do you feel guilty about having all those gorgeous patterns unstarted ??? I do that – I start going through my stash and start putting ones aside, I’ll start that one next, and that one and that one, and oh my I forgot I had that one, why isn’t that started yet ??????I get very frustrated and wish I could stitch millions of times faster !!!!!

xsfav14 wrote on Jul 30, ’07
Yep, I sure do! Kat posted about Fractual #68 being on sale and it is gorgeous!! I love it! I almost clicked on the Add to Cart button and then remembered Janice’s Ophelia and KD’s Innocence and the Christmas gift by someone else of two Mermaids making love – all of which I had forgotten about that I REALLY want to do!!! Not enough time to do it all. Once I get the craft room done, it will make the stitching easier because it won’t take me over an hour to find what it is I am looking for!!Lost most of my links (I think) off the computer. I know Effervescent has the Brocadia Warrior (?) coming out soon and I had a link to that picture. Oh well, I will survive!!


clearstar wrote on Jul 31, ’07
With the amount of stash you already have, you will definitely survive LOL.
Bathroom sounds fab and I would love to see pictures 🙂
I hate when a vacation ends with needing another one LOL, but sounds like such a productive time.

xsfav14 wrote on Jul 31, ’07
Have to leave for work in 15 and still have a ton to do! Will take bathroom pics later. Just discovered DH’s laptop, this one, throws most of my BAPXS, Sparkpeople and other groups into junk. Had to go fish them out!! And I know I need never buy another chart ever again but Effervesents Warrior and TW’s new alphabet will be coming to my house when they are ready!!! LOL!Will post more after work.


heypaula wrote on Aug 1, ’07
TW’s new alphabet???? {ears perk up}Sorry about your laptop – but your vacation made me tired just reading about it!

xsfav14 wrote on Aug 1, ’07
Hi Paula,If you can find TW’s Blog she has an Illuminated Alphabet sneak peak in it. I think she is planning on releasing it when it is done but I haven’t read the entire blog.

And yes, going to work on Tuesday was a lot easier than my vacation! My MIL didn’t show up today so I am back down in the craft room filing the cross stitch magazines into binders.

I did stitch one thread of NN142 on to my Rose/Butterfly quilt before I went downstairs. So I can say, I actually stitched on my stitching day!! LOL!


heypaula wrote on Aug 2, ’07
I saw her blog last night – and while Illuminata looks good, it also scares me – the leaves on that vine look suspiciously like lazy daisy stitches – can you imagine how many of them there will be? She’s already said that this is going to be a REALLY big piece!

xsfav14 wrote on Aug 2, ’07
Hi Paula,I don’t mind lazy daisy stitches for some reason. But then again, I like eyelets and queen stitches too. I think no matter how big this one winds but being – it is going to be a must have!!


gothtigger wrote on Aug 2, ’07
xsfav14 said

I think no matter how big this one winds but being – it is going to be a must have!!

{long suffering sigh} I hear you !!!!So another TW SAL for when we all finish our Dragons ???? I think I might need the SAL encouragement on this new one !!!!!

heypaula wrote on Aug 3, ’07
An eventual SAL sounds good to me – I know I’ll need the encouragement to get through! I love eyelets and queen stitches, too, Chele. And I don’t really mind lazy daisies too much – it just looks like there are going to be TONS of them! 🙂

clearstar wrote on Aug 3, ’07

another TW SAL for when we all finish our Dragons ???

Urgh…she said the dirty words again.Let’s hope TW doesn’t release it for at least another two years.

gothtigger wrote on Aug 3, ’07
I think I’ll need at least two years to get through Faïence – my progress is soo slow. I’m supposed to work on him this week – but I *need* to get Mariann’s RR piece done first. Given my reduced stitching time during the week I expect it will take me all week to get that done. But I will feel better having the RR done 🙂 🙂

xsfav14 wrote on Aug 3, ’07
We will most definitely need a SAL for this one! And hopefully, Teresa will get this done about the same time we are all close to finishing our Dragons!!! LOL! I was hoping for a full weekend in my craft room but now tomorrow is a movie and dinner. And sometime this weekend, is a get together with a manager friend of mine from Osco. She wants me to come out and see her new house! It is about an hours drive from here. Going to get up EARLY tomorrow so I can get down there first thing!!! I want to be done! I miss my stitching! I am falling behind on SAL’s!!!Chele

clearstar wrote on Aug 4, ’07
xsfav14 said

I miss my stitching! I am falling behind on SAL’s!!!

I think we all are. There have been weird happenings this year conspiring to give stitching setbacks.
We all started out so well the first couple of months on the Castle SAL and then May came and all hell broke loose in my world.
We’ll get there and catch up, just give it time.
Big hugs to you sweetie.

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Married to Scott for 20 years. Have 3 kids between us - Jami, Kenny and Caitlin. Have 5 Grand children - will be 6 in about 4 months - Jade Elizabeth and Jacob Matthew both 13, Skyler Ryan - 5, Landon Joseph who will be 4 in September, and Kyla who is 10 months. We also have a dog named Madison. I mainly cross stitch as my hobby but I also read Paranormal Romance books!

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