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Books gotten off of Paperback Swap – copied from Multiply

                                                                Mar 20, ’08 7:37 PM
for everyone
I promised someone I would list the books I have gotten recently.  I decided to only do the ones I have gotten off of Paperback Swap.  I do have a ton more that I have gotten recently at Walmart over the last few months but I have been typing for a long while now just to do the PBS books.  I might list the others at a late date.

All of these books I have gotten off of Paperback Swap in the last year or so:


Pawn of Prophecy – Belgariad Bk. 1 – David Eddings

Queen of Sorcery – Belgariad Bk. 2 – David Eddings

Magician’s Gambit – Belgariad Bk. 3 – David Eddings

Nightseer – Laurell K. Hamilton

Interview with the Vampire – Vampire Chronicles Bk. 1 – Anne Rice

The Witching Hour – Mayfiar Witches Bk. 1 – Anne Rice

Lasher – Mayfair Witches Bk. 2 – Anne Rice

Taltos – Mayfair Witches Bk. 3 – Anne Rice

The Elder Gods – The Dreamers Bk. 1 – Leigh and David Eddings

Five Times Trouble – Susan Kearney, Kate Hoffmann

Master of Darkness – Susan Sizemore

Midnight Magic – Rebecca York, Susan Kearney, Jeanie London

I Burn for You – Prime Series – Susan Sizemore

I Hunger for You – Prime Series Bk. 3 – Susan Sizemore

Sorceress – Lisa Jackson

Temptress – Lisa Jackson

Stolen – Women of the Otherworld Bk. 2 – Kelley Armstrong

Dime Store Magic – Women of the Otherworld Bk. 3 – Kelley Armstrong

Industrial Magic – Women of the Otherworld Bk. 4 – Kelley Armstrong

Broken – Women of the Otherworld Bk. 6 – Kelley Armstrong

Wild Rain – Leopards Bk. 2 – Christine Feehan

Kiss of the Vampire – Lee Weathersby

The Hope Chest – Julie Kenner, Jacquie D’Alessandra, Susan Kearney

Rescue Run – Anne McCaffrey

Dragonseye – Anne McCaffrey

The Smoke Thief – Shana Abe

A Kiss of Shadows – Meredith Gentry Bk. 1 – Laurell K. Hamilton

A Caress of Twilight – Meredith Gentry Bk. 2 – Laurell K. Hamilton

Seduced By Moonlight – Meredith Gentry Bk. 3 – Laurell K. Hamilton

Guilty Pleasures – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 1 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

The Laughing Corpse – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 2 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

Circus of the Damned – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 3 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

The Lunatic Café – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 4 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

Bloody Bones – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 5 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

The Killing Dance – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 6 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

Burnt Offerings – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 7 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

Blue Moon – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 8 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

Obsidian Butterfly – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 9 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

Narcissus in Chains – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 10 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

Cerulean Sins – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 11 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

Micah – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Bk. 13 – Laurell K. Hamilton – read

Undead and Unwed – Queen Betsy Bk. 1 – MaryJanice Davidson

Undead and Unemployed – Queen Betsy Bk. 2 – MaryJanice Davidson

Undead and Unappreciated – Queen Betsy Bk. 3 – MaryJanice Davidson

Cravings – Eileen Wilks, Rebecca York, Laurell K. Hamilton, MaryJanice Davidson

Prince of Twilight – Maggie Shayne

Dead Witch Walking – The Hollows – Bk. 1 – Kim Harrison

Dark Desire – Carpathians – Bk. 2 – Christine Feehan

Secret Star – Nora Roberts

Edge of Twilight – Maggie Shayne

A Quick Bite – Argeneau Vampires Bk. 1 – Lynsay Sands

Beyond the Pale – The Darkwing Chronicles Bk. 1 – Savannah Russe

Past Redemption – The Darkwing Chronicles Bk. 2 – Savannah Russe

Priceless Gifts – Silhouette Romance – Cara Colter – read

Chasing Dreams – Silhouette Romance – Cara Colter – read

What Dreams May Come – Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rebecca York, Robin D. Owens – read

Love At First Bite L.A. Banks, Ronda Thompson, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Susan Squires read

The Perricone Prescription: A Physician’s 28 Day Program for Total Body/Face Rejuv.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – Christiane Northrup

Dates from Hell – Lynsay Sands, Kim Harrison, Kelly Armstrong, Lori Handeland read

Tempting Evil – Riley Jenson Guardian Bk. 3 – Keri Arthur

Embraced By Darkness – Riley Jenson Guardian Bk. 5 – Keri Arthur

You’re Planet or Mine – Susan Grant

Contact – Susan Grant

The Star Princess – Susan Grant

Once A Pirate – Susan Grant

Fantasy Lover – Dark Hunter Bk. 1 – Sherrilyn Kenyon – read

Dragonswan – Dark Hunter Bk 1.5 – Sherrilyn Kenyon – read

Night Pleasure – Dark Hunter Bk. 2 – Sherrilyn Kenyon – read

Night Embrace – Dark Hunter Bk. 3 – Sherrilyn Kenyon – read

Kiss of the Night – Dark Hunter Bk. 5 – Sherrilyn Kenyon – read

Seize the Night – Dark Hunter Bk. 7 – Sherrilyn Kenyon – read

Sins of the Night – Dark Hunter Bk. 8 – Sherrilyn Kenyon – read

Unleash the Night – Dark Hunter Bk .9 – Sherrilyn Kenyon – read

Dark Side of the Moon – Dark Hunter – Bk. 10 Sherrilyn Kenyon – read

Kitty and the Midnight Hour – Kitty Norville Bk. 1 – Carrie Vaughn – read

Passionate Thirst – Candace Steele Vampire Killer # 1 – Cameron Dean

A Whisper of Eternity – Amanda Ashley – read

Shades of Gray – Amanda Ashley – read

Night’s Kiss – Amanda Ashley – read

Desire After Dark – Amanda Ashley – read

After Sundown – Amanda Ashley – read

Deeper Than the Night – read

A Kiss to Remember – Teresa Medeiros

Minion – Vampire Huntress Bk. 1 – L.A. Banks

Hunter’s Moon – Lori Handeland

Blue Moon – Lori Handeland

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cowgirlfromhanna wrote on Mar 20, ’08
I love…..what a great way to read and recycle books!

Great LIST!

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rocalisa wrote on Mar 20, ’08
Great selection. I’m so jealous of you people with access to Paperback Swap. We do have a swap club in NZ, but it’s new and not well known and really only has mainstream books I don’t want to read. Our population is too small to really support such a site.
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heypaula wrote on Mar 21, ’08
Wow – great list of books! Enjoy!
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clearstar wrote on Mar 21, ’08
Good heavens, what a list. I wish the Swap was available here in the UK.
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rifestitch wrote on Mar 21, ’08
Great group of books – I loved the Belgariad books by Eddings; his newer stuff with his wife co-writing, not so good.
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xsfav14 wrote on Mar 21, ’08
DH just got me a huge book case that should hold all my books that are piled on the bookcase now and then some. I just have to move both bookcases, emptied off of course, so he can put the new one in their slot. Ugh. The little one will probably go in the basement since I have boxes and boxes of unread romance (silouhette/blaze) books down there. The bigger one I am hoping to move into my room and keep my ‘wanna keep’ books on it. Like Anne McCaffrey and most of the Nora Roberts ones.

I have been really good – other than reading Micah in 2 hours one day – I haven’t read anything. Just keep stitching!!

I will go take pics of the book cases and piles and add them to an album since I am waiting for Scott to get home.


About xsfav14 - Chele

Married to Scott for 20 years. Have 3 kids between us - Jami, Kenny and Caitlin. Have 5 Grand children - will be 6 in about 4 months - Jade Elizabeth and Jacob Matthew both 13, Skyler Ryan - 5, Landon Joseph who will be 4 in September, and Kyla who is 10 months. We also have a dog named Madison. I mainly cross stitch as my hobby but I also read Paranormal Romance books!

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