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3/23/08 – Easter and Stitching update – copied from Multiply

Mar 23, ’08 4:41 PM
for everyone
Afternoon everyone and Happy Easter!Been a really weird day so far!  Scott got me up early so we could go have breakfast at church before the services.  I forgot they were having this so I thought we would be going to eat after church like we usually do!  Nope – UGH another early morning!! LOL!I made Easter baskets for the twins (Scott’s daughter Jami’s kids) and was going to mail them to them last week.  Scott said no, we can just take them over there.  After the mess at Christmas, I was in no hurry to do this!

We got there and got BIG hugs from the twins!  They haven’t seen Grandpa since June and me since their birthday party in October!  Jami refuses to come to our house and they rarely answer their phone (bill collectors)  so we never know if they are there or not.  They never answered our calls or e-mails about bringing over the huge pile of Christmas presents.  Finally one day we called and got no answer, went over there – no one home.  We left all the gifts outside there back door.  Several weeks later, we saw Kenny and asked him if he knew if the twins got their gifts or not.  We didn’t know if they had gotten them, if they had been stolen or what.  We never got a call from either Dan or Jami letting us know.  They did get them – Thank Goodness.

So no big rush to visit with Jami, the twins yes, Jami no so much.  We went in the house.  Scott took his shoes off and I didn’t.  I made sure they were very dry and walked to a chair and sat down.  I didn’t move the entire time as to not make possible tracks on her hard wood floors.

The twins loved their baskets and I showed Jade the finished wedding sampler I did for my daughter Caitlin.  She had seen it when I started it and loved it so I thought she would like to see it finished.  I also showed her the ultrasound of baby Skyler’s face.

Scott’s ex-wife Tina and her husband Clint  were there – thank heavens.  Jami never once acknowledged our presence and never said a single word to either of us.  She wouldn’t even come in the room where we were sitting talking to Tina and Clint.  She stayed in the kitchen the whole time.    Dan is a very quiet guy and doesn’t say a whole lot so if Tina and Clint hadn’t been there – it would of been really bad! We only stayed an hour and 1/2 and we left when Tina and Clint did.

On the stitching front, I have quite a bit done on the Winnie the Pooh birth sampler .

I also have taken pictures of the newest RAK I got from Trish and the little itty bitty start I did on it just to say I started it.


This next picture is very, very late!  I got a wonderful RAK from Charlotte back in June 2007.  She sent me my first Passione Ricamo pattern Once Upon A Time and the Petite Treasure braids to do it with.  I have since bought the fabric and the beads but still have not started it.   I REALLY have to get better about taken pictures of stuff when it comes!!  VBG!

Everyone have a great day!  Back to stitching Winnie the Pooh as soon as I upload these pictures to their appropriate albums!


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mdgtjulie wrote on Mar 23, ’08
Wow Chele, sorry you had such a rough time this morning. But look at it this way, more stitching time for you, yay!! Winnie the Pooh looks wonderful, and can’t wait to see your progress on the HAED. Wonderful RAKs for you! Congrats and a Happy Easter to you!!
Comment deleted at the request of the author.

weyrdesigns wrote on Mar 23, ’08
2007???? You really did have a bad morning, didn’t you…. sorry about that… I am glad the rest of the day improved…. :)Hugs, Dee

aee2335 wrote on Mar 24, ’08
Argh Chele. I’m sorry you were treated so badly and on a holiday, no less.Pooh looks really cute.

craftypatty2 wrote on Mar 24, ’08
So sorry about the morning, your stitching looks great though. Happy easter

rifestitch wrote on Mar 24, ’08
You know, I often enjoy living 8 hours away from family; it sucked when the boys were little, as we didn’t have a sitter for 12 years, but since DH doesn’t take me anywhere anyway, it didn’t really matter. It also seems to cut down on the conflicts – they still go on, but no one bothers to fill me in on them. Which could possibly set me up as a double-agent… hmmmm….Anyway, at least you got some stitching done!!! Great start, and on the RAK – better late than never 🙂

xsfav14 wrote on Mar 24, ’08
Hi all,After Easter, Scott has decided he has quit trying to be a good Dad, turning the other cheek etc. He says he is going to call Dan (Jami’s husband) who is still talking to us and tell him from now on he can bring the twins over here so we won’t be a bother or irritant to Jami anymore. It is sad really because the only people getting hurt by Jami’s attitude are the twins.Chele

weyrdesigns wrote on Mar 24, ’08
As long as he does not express his opinions of Jami to the twins, he will be fine…. he is right to want to concentrate on them, and her attitude is irrelevant.

xsfav14 wrote on Mar 25, ’08
Oh no, Scott won’t ever say anything bad in front of the twins. He grew up hearing bad stuff about his Dad from everyone and then about his Mom when his Dad divorced his Mom and got a girl friend. He knows how it feels to be little and not understand why the grownups are so mean.Chele

heypaula wrote on Mar 25, ’08
Good for Scott on making that decision – hard as I’m sure it is. You’re right, the twins are the ones that will be hurt, and it’s just too bad that their mom can’t suck up her own issues and be civil with you and Scott for their sake. Hmmpphh!But they were obviously happy to see you (the twins) and it sounds like the rest of the family helped make it an ok visit.Pooh is looking great, and lovely stash you’ve got there!

xsfav14 wrote on Mar 25, ’08
Thanks Paula! Jade is always interested in my stitching when she is here so I think when I get a second, I may find some aida and a Disney Princess pattern to teach her. I think she would like it. We shall see.Today I called in sick. Then I reorganized my craft room so I could have room to dig through the quilting tubs. I needed to find my stash of white fabric for the background fabric of the pictures in the memory quilt. I also needed to find my last set of Alphabet smile embroidered squares a friend did for me for Skyler’s quilt. Then I dug out all the bright crayon fabric, the alphabet fabric and the number fabric for around the alphabet letter squares.Once I did all that, I came upstairs and emptied both book cases into boxes. 4 huge 18 X 18 boxes full to the top are off to the side now. I then moved the little book case up into my room. It is almost filled just with the piles of books I had in my room! Yikes!

Now I need to move the huge tall one downstairs into my craft room. Then maybe I can start unpacking that huge pile of boxed up books that is sitting next to my ironing board. I would like more than a “path” to my cutting table and sewing machine!!

Then I will move the pieces of the new book case into the living room and try to piece them together.

Geesh, some day off. I did it on a good day. They sent 3 extra people to help Devin and I today. There isn’t much work to do for 5 people and we would of all probably turned around and gone home in an hour or so. Since it is an hour drive there and back for me, it didn’t seem worth the gas to just work for an hour. I really needed to get this stuff done. And since I would of been at work, I am not wasting normal Pooh stitching time doing all this!!!



About xsfav14 - Chele

Married to Scott for 20 years. Have 3 kids between us - Jami, Kenny and Caitlin. Have 5 Grand children - will be 6 in about 4 months - Jade Elizabeth and Jacob Matthew both 13, Skyler Ryan - 5, Landon Joseph who will be 4 in September, and Kyla who is 10 months. We also have a dog named Madison. I mainly cross stitch as my hobby but I also read Paranormal Romance books!

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