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Ticked, excited and back to ticked Dec 7, ’08 8:40 AM
for everyone
Morning all,Well 3 days ago, after hunting with Steve who has one of these, Scott got a bug up his a@@ that he had to have one of these.Jeep Grand Cherokee!

So off we went to the car lots and found one for  $8900 with tax, license, etc it wound up being $9800.  He put it on the credit cards.  We have TWO credit cards.  I thought we only had one and I am not allowed to use it ever!!  Then  he came home and borrowed the money from his 401K and paid off the cards.  Payment with be about $127 off of each of his checks.

He then felt guilty because he got a new car (used but new to us) and I didn’t.  So he went back to the 401K and tried to borrow more for a car for me.  It is locked until this one is paid back in 5 years.   So once again, Scott gets a huge new toy on the credit cards I am not even allowed to touch or know about and I don’t.

Then yesterday he saw a little Jeep Liberty which he said would be perfect for me.  So he spent all last night looking at them for me.   Heck I found two within 20 miles of us for $7900 and $8500.  Then we went to bed.

I figured out last night I could afford up to $11,000 car and told Scott that this morning.  So I said we only need to tell our dealer find me a red Jeep Liberty with lowish miles and a CD player that with tax, license, etc. comes to $11,000.  So now I am excited, I am finally going to get a new car!

NOT, all of a sudden the rules came out big time.

If we get you this car, you will need to work 5 days a week instead of 4.  Now I took this job with it being only a part time, 4 day a week thing AND Scott KNOWS this!!  I don’t want to do 5 days a week because then it will be 40 hours a week again and I am right back to full time!!!  OH and then, I drive over 200+ miles a week so we will be losing way to much in the mpg range to really afford me to drive this car/Jeep.  It is OK for him but not me.  He just did his gas mileage and found out he is getting only 14 mpg vs. the 22/23 he was getting with the Camry.

I really should know better than to get happy or excited about anything that involves me spending money.  It is almost ALWAYS a no when it is ok for him.

Ticked and trying not to cry in Wisconsin.


gothtigger wrote on Dec 7, ’08
Chele I’m at a loss what to say except the offer to post you a baseball bat.You write CLUE BAT along its length and then use it on Scott.

xsfav14 wrote on Dec 7, ’08
LOL Mel! Well I think he is hormonal or something because now it seems that if our dealer can find one at the auction that is red, lowish miles and a CD player – I can now get one. I am not counting on anything UNTIL I am holding the title in my hands!!As an offshoot on my own blog, I have your birthday/Christmas presents ready to go as is Claire’s combination package. I am hoping to stand in line in the post office tomorrow after Scott’s colonoscopy. Will let you know via twitter if I make it to the P.O.Chele

Comment deleted at the request of the author.

gothtigger wrote on Dec 7, ’08
xsfav14 said

Scott’s colonoscopy

You know this might be a factor in his current behaviour?

xsfav14 wrote on Dec 7, ’08
Could very well be! This is his second one in 6 months just to make sure the cancer hasn’t come back since they removed it the last time. I hate wrapping presents!! Makes me crabby!! Once I finish these, I am headed downstairs to make myself some Q-snap covers!!Chele

gothtigger wrote on Dec 7, ’08
xsfav14 said

I hate wrapping presents!!

I subscribe to the male philosophy. Bribe the store clerk, or a kid or anyone else to do it for me. If all else fails, throw a bit of paper at it and wrap it in sticky tape until it wont fall out ….

seeford wrote on Dec 8, ’08
That is why I’m a huge fan of gift bags! A little tissue paper sticking out the top and you’re golden. Doesn’t travel well, though!
I’m with Mel on the bat, Chele.
Hope all goes well with the colonoscopy today.

heypaula wrote on Dec 8, ’08
ARGH! I hope all goes well with the colonoscopy.. and that we see you smiling next to a pretty red jeep Liberty in your driveway soon!

xsfav14 wrote on Dec 8, ’08
Colonoscopy went well. They found 1 small polyp this time too small to worry about – no cancer. He has to go back in 2 years. Called the dealer and told him to start looking for my red jeep Liberty at the auction. I specified fire engine red and none other!! Lol!

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