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RIP Lilly and stitching – copied from Multiply

RIP Lilly and stitching May 16, ’11 5:08 PM
for everyone

Ok I have put this on FB just because it is way faster than doing a blog but I have a stitching update to post too sooo . . . .

Wednesday we took the two dogs to get groomed.  When we went to pick her up, it took 3 of us to get her standing.  25 minutes to get her into the car because she couldn’t stay standing.  At home she basically just fell out of the car to get out of it, then we fought to get her standing again.  She walked to the back and was a good girl.  Then we brought her to the front steps which are concrete and therefore more traction then the back kitchen floor type steps.  It took another 20 minutes to get her up the stairs into the house.  She walked to get a drink and ate just a bit.  Walked to the living room and laid down.  She stayed right there unable to move until about 9 a.m. the next morning.  I spent the night next to her because she cried when she couldn’t get up and/or see me.  I think she was scared.

In the morning I managed to get her up by myself and she walked outside and laid down.

Scott had gone hunting since he said he thought she would be fine after her pain meds and a good night sleep.  He called shortly after I got just gotten her outside rather easily.  So dummy me told him not to drive the 3 hours home to help me take her to the vet, and then drive 3 hours back.  I figured we would be fine.  My bad . . . Lilly couldn’t stand up again to come back in the house 2 hours later.  She loves it outside and would live there if I let her but she had to come back in before the mail lady came.  So I rolled her into the house and she stayed there just inside the front door, until my step son Kenny came over to carry her out to my car.

We have 2 doors both with 4 steps.  She was totally unable to stand on her own.  And when you touched her hips/back end to try to help/lift her up, she was trying to bite and yelping.  So once I finally got her to the vet at 2 p.m. she didn’t get to come home with me.  We spent the last hour of her doggie life sitting in the back seat of my car drinking water and eating Pigs in the Blanket.  She got ALL the cheddar hot dog part and I ate the biscuit part.

Stitching up date:  I got my SAL Teresa Wentzler The Castle stitching done for the month of May.  Probably will do more but this was my goal.  I am using the book version not the chart so I am working on Section 2.  I have it blown up into 3 bigger parts top, middle, bottom.  When I first dug out the project, I thought I was ready to start stitching on the middle.  NOT!!! I discovered when I looked closer that I hadn’t done the back stitching or put the shiny blending filament on the gold parts or the neck.  GRRR!  2 hours and 22 minutes later (which took several stitching sessions to accomplish), I have the back stitching done on the top portion of Section 2!  If I pick it back up before next month, I will start on putting the blending filament over the gold parts.

Since it is just back stitching you can’t see a whole lot of it so I am going to post my working chart with it marked.  The orange high lighter is what I did this month.

This is just the section that I had to do the back stitching on.  Shiny stuff needs to go on spines, ear, head and neck, when I get back to it.


meme4002 wrote on May 16, ’11, edited on May 16, ’11
Oh my gosh hun I am so sorry about your loss of Lilly.. We go through so often that when I see someone else go through it I am almost to tears.. She is at the bridge now waiting for you full of life, love and good health. Now can I say————– your stitching is awesome, simply awesome!!! Den is sitting here and knew it was a dragon, loves them to bits. lol

xsfav14 wrote on May 16, ’11
Thanks Pam! I still haven’t even had a good cry yet because I am also working on getting my high blood pressure medicine fixed to one that doesn’t make me cough, choke, gag and then throw up. Right after I got home from the vets, I had to go to my Grandson Skyler’s 3rd birthday party and it has been running full out busy since then. This cough thing is driving me batty and is so constant that I don’t have the energy to think about much else.
I am really hoping on the stitching front that I get this dragon and castle done this time around. As I still want to ‘flip’ the chart and stitch it again in the white version. Red male version is Baltazar and the white female version will be Saphira!

meme4002 wrote on May 16, ’11
I’m rooting you gf.. Now it I could just get a few back to stitching Fairy Grandmother I would be a happy camper. BUT for now, I’m rooting for you and you can be assured, I will be a pest. lol Follow your dreams, complete your goals.

meme4002 wrote on May 16, ’11
Hun, your puppy is in no more pain, no more discomfort… She is at peace and waiting for you. She’s going to be so healthy and well the next time you see her, You just have to believe or have faith..There really is a “rainbow bridge” I don’t know if you understand what rainbow bridge is and if you don’t I can post the link for you.. She’s there babe.. xoxo!!!!

jstitcher wrote on May 17, ’11
So sorry for the loss of your Lily.I have not worked on my dragon for over a year now.

dusty4347 wrote on May 17, ’11
Sorry for the loss of Lilly. She looked like a great furbaby. Your dragon is looking great. Good luck with the cough from the BP meds, my DH has that problem also. But then he is on two of them because of his heart condition. The coughing can make you batty at times. Good luck

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Married to Scott for 20 years. Have 3 kids between us - Jami, Kenny and Caitlin. Have 5 Grand children - will be 6 in about 4 months - Jade Elizabeth and Jacob Matthew both 13, Skyler Ryan - 5, Landon Joseph who will be 4 in September, and Kyla who is 10 months. We also have a dog named Madison. I mainly cross stitch as my hobby but I also read Paranormal Romance books!

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