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June 18th, 2008 – copied from Multiply

June 18th, 2008 Jun 18, ’08 7:02 PM
for everyone
 Hi all,

I just knew I would be as bad at keeping up on a blog as I am at keeping up on my e-mail groups!!  Oh well, now that I am not dizzy from lack of food, have had my chocolate, and 3 Alieve, I will try to update everyone in a somewhat sane method.

Today was my yearly Dr. appointment just 5 months late.  I got the full treatment.  Pap smear, breast exam, lab work and an extra goodie a tetanus shot since I couldn’t remember the last time I had one.  I sure hope they aren’t bad for you if you have one more frequently than 10 years ago just in case I have and just couldn’t remember.  Also got prescriptions for all 3 of my meds so I am set to go for another year.  Next Wednesday is the mammogram and I will be done!

In other medical news, my husband Scott turned 50 this year so he had to go in for a Colonoscopy.  Not so bad since it gave me an extra day off  of work to drive him home.  He is quite comical when he is doped up.  They found 3 polyps and removed them all.  One of them was 2 cm big.  The Dr. said he would biopsy them.  If there was a problem, we would hear from him, if not, the reminder card would come in 2 years.  Normally, it is every 10 years but  because polyps were found he needed to come in more frequently.  Unfortunately, we did hear from the Dr.  the 2 cm polyp was cancerous.  When they removed the polyp, they also removed part of the stem that it was attached too.  Think of it like a mushroom, the polyp is the top and the stem.  The stem didn’t have any cancer in it so it hadn’t yet spread to the colon itself.  If it had, we would be doing surgery rather quickly.  Instead, we get to do the whole colon 2 day test/surgery thing again in 6 months.  Now Scott is on a high fiber diet per his Dr.  that is so much fun because guys tell you the most disgusting details of their time in the bathroom.  And now he is in there a lot more frequently!  Ugh!

Daughter news:  my phone is on silent right now because I am so mad at my daughter I could just spit.  She never even bothered to call her Dad on Father’s Day.  Out of 3 kids only Kenny, the one who can’t remember anything unless reminded, called and came over.  Jami, Scott’s other daughter, is still ignoring him which means we don’t get to see the twin Grand kids either.  She hasn’t talked to us since that shoe problem just before Christmas.  When I asked Caitlin what she was doing on Father’s Day, she said sleeping.  She started back to work at Bean Snappers on Friday.  She was suppose to have Saturday off but a girl quit on Friday so she worked on Saturday too.  So that means she got home from work at about 3 a.m.  Fine, sleep until 12 or 3 p.m. and then what?  She says she was just too tired to even think about Father’s Day!  I could just spit.  Now that the baby is here, I have spent almost $1000 on getting her nursery set up, spent hours driving up there and back to take her shopping when her MIL who lives right behind her house wouldn’t take her so she could do her registry.  Then when they ran out of formula and diapers because Ryan hasn’t gotten paid in a while again, I got them both.  All of that, and she was too tired to even think about Father’s Day.  1 simple 2 minute phone call – no not her.  She doesn’t need us for anything right now so we get blown off just like always.  Grrr! 

On the stitching front, I am almost done with the cross stitches on Skyler’s birth sampler.  Once I finish that all that is left is the names, date, weight and about 1/2 of the back stitching  to go.  Then I can frame both the birth sampler and the wedding sampler.  After that is done, I have the quilt, wall hanging and baby book to make.

Books I have read recently include –  All the Alex Archer Rogue Angel series.  I Burn For You – Susan Sizemore, I Thirst For You – Susan Sizemore, I Hunger For You – Susan Sizemore, Master of Darkness – Susan Sizemore, Primal Heat – Susan Sizemore, Primal Desires – Susan Sizemore.  Cravings – Eileen Wilks, Lauren K. Hamilton, Mary Janice Davidson, and Rebecca York, A Distant Magic – Mary Jo Putney,  Five Times Trouble – Susan Kearny and  Kate Hoffman, Midnight Magic – Susan Kearney, Rebecca York, and Jeanie London, No Rest For The Witches – Christine Warren, Mary Janice Davidson, Cheyenne McGray, Lori Handiland,  and Blood Noir by Lauren K. Hamilton.  Current book is Dark Prince – Christine Feehan.

Also been fighting off a case of depression that is probably more like a let’s feel sorry for myself.  Scott has basically made me go back to work on Mondays.  Then my job went to computer work assigning.  I used to work only 1 or 2 hours Fridays and if I had too, a couple of hours on Monday.  With this new computer assigning work stuff, I have to put down all the days I am actually working even if it is only for a few hours.  Of course, once I say I am available for work, they give me 6 to 8 hours of work.  So now, I am back up to working 25 to 30 hours a week instead of my 17 to 20.  My exercise is history, my planning meals and making healthy meals is gone, today at the Dr. I was 185.3 with all my clothes on though.  So I am back to feeling exhausted all the time and just plain feeling yucky.  But since Scott is on a spending spree for archery stuff lately, I have to keep working these crazy hours.  It is weird that it is him and not me doing all the spending.  His stuff costs several hundreds for one thing versus me getting a whole bag of stash for that amount!!    Oh well I guess that is life right now and I need to bite the bullet and deal.

Will try to get pictures of my stitching progress and my new chair – stitching/computer set up taken this weekend sometime.

Luv and Hugs to all!

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heypaula wrote on Jun 18, ’08
Lots of stuff – Chele. I’m glad Scott got a good answer from the biopsy! {{{Hugs}}} about Caitlin – no advice, just hugs. I hope work straightens out a bit so that you can get back to excersising – I know you feel so much better when you do.

And I know what you mean about the boy’s toys – J’s radios are so much more than I spend on a stash trip!

dragonsteel wrote on Jun 18, ’08
Eeep on the cancer, grrrr on the kids (Mark’s Dad is dead, I spent all of 5 mins on the phone to mine then my mum grabbed the phone and that was that! Mind you I did send him a Fabulous Bakin’ Boys “Muffin the Mail” so he was happy!) – um about spending money on stash for you? when is that happening?

monnee9798 wrote on Jun 18, ’08
That’s an update, glad that they got everything when they removed the polyps, I hope that all stays that way!! I’m of no help on the Father’s Day thing, but will join Paula and send HUGS!!!!

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 18, ’08
Thanks for the hugs Paula! Scott bought a new bow for about $500 a few months ago. Then decided he needed a back up bow and got a better one for almost $800. Then there is the new arrows, the releases, the strings, the dampeners, etc. Gads – I thought stitching was expensive!! LOL!

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 18, ’08
LOL! Hilary! I think the last stash I bought was when I went to Welcome Stitchery with Colleen. I so want a few of the new Rachel Tallemy HAED’s and a bunch of sparkly fabrics from PTP but I will hold off. Lately my stashing has been all in the book department but still no where near the amount Scott is going through!!

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 18, ’08
Thanks Shawn. They are doing the colonoscopy again in 6 months to make sure that the polyps stay gone. He is also to take Calcium with Vitamin D – 4 times a day. Apparently, it retards the growth of those nasty things. Thanks for the hugs!! I am so glad I was off today and not totally exhausted for once. I really needed to touch base with my friends! I hate being so tired that I can’t even think about typing a response.

monnee9798 wrote on Jun 18, ’08
I didn’t know that about the vitamin D/Calcium; that’s a handy thing to know. Hope it works well for him! Now about the archery stuff, I’m VERY glad now that Renee didn’t really get into it. lol Ray tried to get her into it when we were in SA and NY; it didn’t take though. *whew*

dragonsteel wrote on Jun 18, ’08
xsfav14 said

LOL! Hilary! I think the last stash I bought was when I went to Welcome Stitchery with Colleen. I so want a few of the new Rachel Tallemy HAED’s and a bunch of sparkly fabrics from PTP but I will hold off. Lately my stashing has been all in the book department but still no where near the amount Scott is going through!!

Hmm so you are a few hundred dollars or so behind your dearly beloved’s stash buying – ummmmmmmm let me think now what could POSSIBLY make up for that LOL

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 18, ’08
Scott insists that he would have to spend money for years to catch up with my stash room!! LOL!

clearstar wrote on Jun 19, ’08
xsfav14 said

Scott insists that he would have to spend money for years to catch up with my stash room!! LOL!

Scott;s right LOL….I remember last Spring’s spending honey.,….you stashed HUGELY…I was so impressed by the list

trishf2382 wrote on Jun 19, ’08
Big hugs Chele! We’ve been going through all those medical checks as well. Doug had some polyps removed and has to return in 2 years. I had a physical and had to have another pap smear after 6 months. I can speak to the ‘kids’ thing too. It seems they only call us when they needs something, cars broken down, babysitting, food, rent money etc. They are good boys though in that they did both call their father on father’s day. One even went to watch his dad play rugby. Sorry about the work hours, but if you can get past Scott’s purchases perhaps the next pay cheque could be yours???? Keep us posted! Cheers

stitchingqueen wrote on Jun 19, ’08
What a tough time your having Chele! Sending you big hugs! I’m glad that your husband’s cancer got caught early enough to be treated effectively. I’m sorry to hear that your kids are taking advantage of you guys. Maybe as the grandchildren get bigger they’ll learn to appreciate you guys more.
One questions, how did you like the Alex Archer Rogue Angel series?
It stinks that your getting stuck working all these extra hours. In order to exercise, I get up at 4:45 to ride my bike for 45 minutes. It’s the only way I can squeeze it in while taking care of my kids, but I find that it’s worth it because it keeps me stronger and does help with depression.
I remember that awesome stash run you had awhile back. I wish I could go to the LNS with you!

mdgtjulie wrote on Jun 19, ’08
Wow Chele. sounds like you have been very, very busy. sorry to hear about the situation with the kids. I guess it just takes some kids longer to “get it” than others. Glad at least one of them called on Father’s Day. And I’m glad you get to see the baby often. Keep your chin up, things will hopefully settle down soon.

rifestitch wrote on Jun 19, ’08
Many hugs and good thoughts coming your way!! At least you do have stitching and reading as solace, when you can get to them 🙂 Hope things calm down for you a bit, to a nice dull roar, soon!

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 19, ’08

Scott;s right LOL….I remember last Spring’s spending honey.,….you stashed HUGELY…I was so impressed by the list

Yep he probably is right Claire!! The Nashville market is when I go crazy! It is so much fun!! Hee! Hee!

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 19, ’08
Hi Trish,

Yep, that is kids in a nutshell. Call you when something is needed and then goodbye Charlie until the next need!! I do manage to squeeze out a couple of books every other paycheck so it isn’t too bad. I kept hoping to be able to pull off going to England in 2009 but every time I mention it to Scott he just gives me this “look”. Even if I didn’t spend a single extra penny between now and then, my check wouldn’t get us there! Glad your kids remembered their Dad. Everyone Scott has talked to has said the same thing – went out with the kids or the kids called. We just got lucky with strange kids! LOL!

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 19, ’08
Lori, I loved the Alex Archer Rogue Angel Series. I have the last 3 or 4 on my wish list on It is really hard to wait until one becomes available when you are person 79 out of 82 waiting in line!! Most mornings I have to be at my first store by 6 a.m. so that would mean getting up at 3 a.m. to get in my hour of workout. I just don’t see me being able to do that though. Which is why I took Monday off. I already had Wednesday off and then I worked a really short Friday which ensured at least 3 workouts a week but I usually got in 5 because I also worked out on the weekend. Oh well, we will see what happens. Yes when I stash, I really, really stash!

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 19, ’08
Hi Julie, I don’t think these kids will ever get it. They are 29, 25, and 21 – if they don’t get it by now it isn’t happening! I live for the weekends when I get to stay in bed until the doggie gets me up at 7 a.m or 7:30 instead of 4 a.m. or 5!!

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 19, ’08
Hi Karen,

A nice dull roar would be awesome! And I have my stitching, my reading, and you guys when I need any help or venting.

ndmurdock wrote on Jun 19, ’08
Glad you got time to update us. The Colon cancer can be quite scary, so glad all is good now. The kids are in their 20’s, they will get more appreciative when they get older….at least thats what I am hoping for too….

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 19, ’08
Yep kids are the best things in our lives AND usually the worst too! But yes I think these three might grow up in their late 30’s!! LOL!

gothtigger wrote on Jun 21, ’08
Pawn Scott’s Archery equipment for the airfare!

xsfav14 wrote on Jun 22, ’08
He shot back that if I sold my stash, we could live in England!

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